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please visit New Year Cup page of 2021 for details of 18th Chinese New Year Cup
welcome to  – Oversea Games for dtails of Shan Xi Veterans of China visited us and we had a friendly game on 9th,Mar2019 
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2002&04&08 Australia/2007 Xia Men China/ 2008 Fuzhou,China/ 2008&2009 Macau/ 2009 Kunming& Fuzhou China/ 2010 HongKong & Zhu Hai,China/ 2011 Shanghai, China  /2014 Shanghai,China   /2015 Singapore /2016 Jiang Men China / 2018  Gui Yang, China/2019 Zhu Hai

New Zealand Chinese Soccer Association

Chairman Message for 18th Asian Chinese Evergreen Cup  

1-5, Oct, Shanghai, China

It has almost been 12 years since New Zealand Chinese Soccer Association was first founded.  Each year in February, we host a Multi-Cultural Soccer Tournament, in March,NZ Chinese Cup, April through to August, each associated member participates in local soccer league. August through to October NZ Chinese League. After hosting a lot of activities, we were able to see the significant improvement through out the years. All these are good evidence to show our achievements, its not only glory to our society, but our nation as well.

As encouragement to the next generation, we organized an open age representative team, in2007 to participate the “7th Chinese World Cup” in Xiamen,. And the“8th Chinese World Cup”in Fuzhou in 2009. For our veterans team: May 08 “5th ANZ Cup” in Sydney ; Oct 08 won the cup of “National Day Tournament” in Fuzhou China. Dec 08 “International tournament of 9th Anniversary”in Macau. May,2009,“International Veterans Cup”- Kunming China. Nov09 “International tournament of

10th Anniversary”in Macau.  Oct,2010 won the cup of “ANZHK” in Hong Kong, and Oct,2011 Its our pleasure be invited by Shanghai Dong Hua Football Association, for the “15th Asian Chinese Evergreen Cup”. And achieved Runner Up.

This year , we are invited by the same great organizer for the “18th Asian Chinese Evergreen Cup”. We value this opportunity, and sincerely wish– the organizer of “18th Asian Chinese Evergreen Cup”,all the best and prosperous.

Jack Li – Chairman of NZ Chinese Soccer Association 21.8.2014

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